Datajack USB Internet Review

Datajack USB is a great device for accessing high speed internet on the go.

Its an easy to use, simple device that can get you 3G internet speeds from your laptop or any other device that supports a USB port.

Getting started with Datajack is easy. Plug in the Datajack USB device to your laptop device USB port, and get started asap. No dialing, no software installations what so ever.

The USB Internet device can get you amazing speeds both for download and upload. A lot depends on where you’re located and if you have 3G network in the area. Check out the coverage map here, to check if your area is covered.

The good thing about USB internet device is that you can carry it wherever you go and still stay connected online.

And with the convenient data plans available from Datajack, there is no limit to what you can do on the internet.

Datajack Mobile Broadband Review

Just happened to use the Datajack Mobile Broadband and I have to tell you, its great for the price. Wonder why would I not get the same experience with other mobile broadband providers?

I used the Datajack MiFi device by the way. It was easy to plug in, and got started in no time. Any by the way, I’m on a Mac – no issues there.

The speed was amazing and close to what I’ve experienced on super fast land lines. To get speeds close to that is quite an achievement in my opinion. And not to say, excellent download speeds as well.

What I like the most in Datajack MiFi is the fact that I can suspend it anytime and don’t worry about termination fees or anything. Also, there was no deposits or monthly contracts so if I don’t use it, I don’t have to pay anything, no strings attached.

I hate contracts and having to pay monthly for something that I haven’t used. Datajack is just the mobile broadband connection I wanted. Go get it folks!

Datajack MiFi Hotspot device review

Datajack MiFi Hotspot is a WiFi device that lets you create your own personal WiFi hotspot, wherever you go. Its intended for people who require Internet on the Go. Plus its a great device that can simultaneously connect up to five WiFi enabled devices to the Internet. Perfect for someone who has an iPhone, Tablet and Laptop (or even a printer)!

The good thing about the Datajack MiFi is that it gets you connected to the internet in a jiffy! No wires, no dialing, no installation, no hassles.

If you’re looking for 3G High speed mobile internet on the go, this is the best device you can get. And the price….at $89.99, you won’t get a better deal.

Check it out here – Datajack WiFi Hotspot.

No Contract Wifi at $9.99

Just in case you have not heard, DataJack 3G Mobile Broadband is slowly becoming  a household favorite for mobile broadband.

Where most mobile broadband providers fail is that they burden subscribers with more responsibility than necessary, and when their consumers complain, they scramble to offer special deals to pacify the masses.

DataJack 3G Mobile Broadband offers everyone no contract, prepaid, and hassle-free wireless mobile broadband.

You would think that the bigger named providers would be keen to the needs and wants of their millions of subscriber’s, but I guess once you become so large it’s tough to keep up with the little guy.

Thanks for keeping up with me DataJack.